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The Right Opportunity at the Right Time


Are you interested in applying for a franchise license? Every year a large number of companies take that step forward. With a good reason, because such a partnership has a lot of advantages. Taking over a proven franchise system has much less risk of failure than new businesses that start up on their own. Why should you want to reinvent the wheel on your own. Take advantage of the experiences and mistakes already made by others.

A letter from the CEO

Dear Future Franchise Partners,

I am thrilled to extend a warm invitation to join the exciting journey of Koykan®, a dynamic Quick Serving Restaurant (QSR) chain that is ready to redefine the fast-casual dining landscape. Our success story is rooted in embracing the latest restaurant standards and cutting-edge technologies, offering internationally acclaimed product categories perfectly tailored for the modern QSR market.

At Koykan, we pride ourselves on being a tech-driven QSR brand, backed by a proven Franchise-ready business model that boasts strong store-level EBITDA and an impressive cash-on-cash return ratio. Now, we are eager to expand our footprint in the SEE and DACH regions, presenting a lucrative opportunity for passionate individuals to join our franchise family.

Embark on a thrilling entrepreneurial journey with Koykan, where innovation meets authentic World street food. Our diverse menu, featuring American burgers, Italian piadinas, Mexican burritos, Egyptian falafel, and other famous World Food offers a unique and enticing culinary experience. As a Koykan franchisee, you will have the chance to bring these delightful flavours to your local community and beyond.

As part of our expansion strategy, we are actively seeking enthusiastic franchise partners who share our vision and passion for delivering exceptional dining experiences. By opening new company-owned stores in major cities, we aim to create a strong foundation for growth and offer exciting franchise opportunities to individuals like you eager to be part of our success story.

Join us in shaping the future of fast-casual dining. Explore the possibilities of being a Koykan franchise partner and the potential for growth in the dynamic SEE and DACH regions.

Boro Milivojevic, CEO, Koykan Group

Koykan Management Team

Find out more and download our Franchise Brochure.

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Franchisee Application Form – Apply now.

Get in touch and discover the business parthership and opportunity tailored for success!

This application is not a contract and does not obligate either party in any manner. By clicking Submit, any information you provide will be used in accordance with Koykan’s Privacy Policy. We may contact you regarding your submission.

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FAQ (frequently asked questions)

What is the initial Franchise fee?

The initial Franchise fee for a Koykan franchise is 20.000 EUR per Koykan Franchise Agreement. Franchise fee covers the cost of:

  • Legal advice to a Franchise partner, 
  • Access to our proven Franchise-ready business model,
  • Guidance in site selection and assistance in negotiating the lease,
  • Store design and construction assistance and Franchisoe will provide the list of all the equipment required for the “KOYKAN” store,
  • Advise on obtaining the necessary permits for the business premises where the “KOYKAN” store will be located,
  • Comprehensive in-house and on-site training and education, 
  • Support in developing Local Store Marketing strategies, promotional materials, and ongoing guidance to help you attract and retain customers, driving the growth of your Koykan franchise

What is the Franchise Royalty?

Franchise royalty fees are the regular (monthly) payments that a franchisee pays to the franchisor. Koykan Franchise Agreement defines royalty to be 6% of Gross revenue. Here’s how Koykan uses this fee to support our franchisees:

KOYKAN grants the Franchisee the right to use:

  • Intellectual property in relation to business activity,
  • Knowledge and experience of the Franchisor in the field of bookkeeping, operations, management and marketing,
  • Business and logistics systems,
  • All other materials protected by copyright and intellectual property rights related to business activity and belonging to the Franchisor,
  • Guidelines and proactive support when setting up the system, 
  • Guidelines and proactive support in system development in facilities,
  • Guidelines and proactive support in quality control procedures,
  • Proactive support in enabling the Franchisee to take advantage of discounts/rebates available to the Franchisor,
  • Full access to Operating manual, Book of architectural standards, Brand book, Local Store Marketing Guide, etc.
  • Access to our network of authorised vendors, ensuring consistent quality and timely deliveries,
  • Access to Koykan franchise consultant to assist you with recruiting and training new staff, product control, pricing and other operational areas crucial for Business Development,

What other fees a franchisee needs to pay?

Marketing Fee: 2% of your gross sales that is paid to the franchisor on an ongoing basis. Marketing fee is used to promote brand awareness and drive customer engagement. 

Digital Store Support Fee: 1% of your gross sales that is paid to the franchisor on an ongoing basis. Digital Support Fee is used for maintenance and assistance of your usage of our in-house cloud-based digital tools, hardware and software solutions for restaurant business management.

Is previous catering or retailing experience necessary?

No, previous catering or retailing experience is not necessary. The most successful franchisees are entrepreneurial, owner/operators and have excellent people skills.

What training is offered?

You will receive initial training (the franchise development program) incorporating classroom and practical work at a company-owned store. One week of training will be held in your location before opening the store. 

An additional charge for renewal?

The initial agreement is normally for 10 years. The franchise is renewable according to the terms and conditions in the Franchise Agreement.

During the franchise agreement, is it possible to sell a store?

Yes, as long as Koykan approves the sale. Koykan will have the right of first refusal. Koykan will charge a new owner the Transfer fee according to the terms and conditions in the Franchise Agreement.

Are there any stores immediately available for me to franchise?

Potentially yes. Please enquire for more details.

How soon can I open more stores?

Normally, a new franchisee will not be permitted to open a second store until six months after the opening of the first store. This is so that we can ensure every franchisee develops the experience needed to achieve high operational standards in multiple stores.

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