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Our story

Since the first restaurant in Gajeva street in 2012, we have continued to travel and develop our vision of different flavors in Zagreb, gathering new knowledge from other cultures, expanding the range of flavors, trying different combinations and carefully figuring out how to get the best out of every gastro culture and fit into new, unique recipes. So, in today’s offer of Koykan brand you can find several authentic groups of street food dishes: piadina, gyros, wrap, burger, burrito, pulled, falafel and within each dish there are 6 more different products with a signature. Besides street food offer, for many years, Koykan has also been known for its delicious stews, and recently, in collaboration with Chill Cantina, it includes a variety of local and international dishes with a fork.

Although we prefer to see you in live in our shops in Arena, Gajeva and Tkalciceva street, we know it is not always possible, so when you are in a hurry, you can find us on all delivery platforms (Wolt, Glovo, BoltFood) and with only few clicks, order your favorite dish from our kitchens and save your time!

If you are attracted by the thought of world flavors in homemade edition, take a look at our offer and find something for yourself.  We are waiting for you and looking forward to you both – in live and virtually. <3

I am visiting this place since the opening in almost every location almost every day. The food is AWESOME!! But there is a thing…in Arena Center location I have never been disappointed in the quality maybe because I had the luck to order when the good cooks are there. The staff is nice and helpful, the hygiene is on point, the food choices – endless. Highly recommend to vegans, vegetarians, burger, and POTATOES lovers!

Nicki A.

Best buy fast food with overwhelming choice of wraps and burgers in the very centre of town. Much healthier (for stomach and wallet) and tastier than McBurgers and such.

Igor K.

In these terrible times, these guys have enlarged the food rations, and the staff is always beyond helpful, food perpetually fresh and delicious, not to mention the choice which is grand. 10/10 would recommend.

Eva M.

Currently passing through Zagreb. We were looking for some fast food. We found the best we have ever tasted. Food excellent service friendly, affordable. See you again!

Mirza K.

KOYKAN WORLD FOOD: Mjesto u kojem se jedu burgeri, ali i fina topla variva!

Piadine, peciva za burgere i gyro lepinje peku sami i jamče da su bez aditiva, konzervansa i umjetnih bojila, a mi smo kušali falafel od slanutka s bogatstvom začina. U ponudi su i deserti u čaši, a svakodnevno se mogu pojesti i jela na žlicu ili krepke juhice od sezonskih namirnica…

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Interijer je bio čist i lijepo uređen.

Burger je bio ogroman i stvarno nas je iznenadio izgledom s obzirom na cijenu i masu mesa koja je u njemu. Priloga je bilo i više nego dovoljno, a zbog feferona se čak i ljutina osjetila. Mogućnost personalizacije daje dodatnu vrijednost i budi uspomene na prijašnja vremena…

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